cary chiropractor raleigh ncAt Gard Wellness Center, our mission is to help as many people as possible reach their full health potential without the use of drugs or surgery.  As we live and breathe, each one of us possess  an innate ability to heal and self-regulate our own bodies.  Our nervous system is the master regulator of these powerful abilities.  The primary focus of chiropractic care is to remove any nervous system interference (we call this a subluxation) so each cell of your body is in proper communication with the brain.  When this communication is restored, we see powerful and amazing healing over and above the removal of pain.

Chiropractic Care

We provide Corrective Chiropractic Care plans.  When we talk about correction, we want to make sure your body reaches optimum health potential.  This correction occurs not only when you are out of pain, but when your body is functioning properly and your lifestyle habits are supportive of a long healthy life.  Each patient is different and recommendations differ, our goal is to get you to the best of your best!

Our techniques are varied and our goal is to make your treatment as comfortable as possible while still getting the correction we need for optimal health.  Our doctors practice a variety of techniques which can vary per patient ranging from Thompson Drop, Activator, Specific Prone,Flexion-distraction and Webster Techniques for our pregnant patients.  Many people don’t know this but we also can adjust extremities.  Wrists, elbows, knees, ankles etc. If it’s a joint that should move, our doctors hold additional certifications in upper and lower extremity techniques designed to get each joint to optimal function.

Chiropractic care is our passion.  Chiropractic care has helped all of our doctors achieve health and we are excited to work with you towards your health goals. Remember, our bodies are innately designed to FEEL GOOD.  In many many cases we can do this without the use drugs or surgery.  With proper spinal alignment, healthy food, adequate exercise and stress reduction techniques, we can truly realise our individual bests!

Corrective Exercises and Therapies

At Gard Wellness Center, we teach our patients how to perform special “blueprint” exercises which can help strengthen and correct imbalances in the body. Once we assess your case, specific exercise videos are emailed to you and can be done in the comfort of your own home.   For those patients who are indicated for physiotherapy, we have ultrasound, muscle stimulation and spinal traction available in our physiotherapy bay as needed.


For 5000 years acupuncture has been a mainstay of treatment for many cultures. It is a Chinese system of healing which is concerned with restoring proper energy flow (Chi) to various organs, glands and tissues of the body on the premise that most diseases are a result of malfunction of disrupted energies.  We offer needle acupuncture in conjunction with or apart from your chiropractic treatment.  Many people ask us what acupuncture can treat.  We find many people success with symptoms ranging from pain, low energy, headaches, stress, depression, addiction..the list goes on and on.  Here is a pretty good list of other conditions for which people commonly find success with acupuncture.

Lifestyle Advice

Many of our patients come to see our chiropractor to address a specific pain symptom such as back pain, neck pain or headaches. While we will always address each patient’s specific condition with chiropractic care, we often find it helpful necessary to help our patients towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. This will include conversations about diet, exercise, stress reduction and workplace ergonomics.  The goal of including lifestyle advice with a Corrective Chiropractic care plan is to help each and every patient reach and maintain their full health potential.  Remember, we are all made to be abundantly healthy.  When our nervous system is free of interference, our diets are supportive, our bodies are moving and we can find some mindfulness in our days, we are our very best.  At Gard Wellness Center we want that for each and every one of you.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

At Gard Wellness Center we offer a range of nutritional products to support in the health and healing of our patients. We carry a basic line of Standard Process supplements and full body cleanses as well as full service weight loss programs such as our Functional Weight Loss program.  Due to the rising number of overweight and obese people  in America (currently 67%)  and diseases which result from poor health and obesity, we feel strongly about the importance of maintaining proper weight.  With an option to meet all needs, we can assist our patients with weight loss, the first step on the path to optimal health. For more information click here.

Massage Therapy

We offer a range of massage techniques in conjunction our Corrective Chiropractic Care plans.  We work with a select group of Licensed Massage Therapists who focus on therapeutic massage to targeted areas which support the correction process.  Gard Wellness Center therapists have additional training in lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage, sports massage and many other styles to assist on your healing journey.  In some cases, we will recommend Myofascial Release as an adjunct to your chiropractic corrective care plan to decrease painful and inflamed muscles.

Community Service

There is a saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We are passionate about getting out into the community and educating people on the benefits of chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle.  For more information about our community involvement or to schedule an event at your workplace, please click here.