FNI logo 512x512Functional Nutrition is a wellness program based on personal accountability and lifestyle choices designed for your individual body using lab testing,  proper nutrition choices, weekly coaching, and education.

Functional Nutrition is all about making small, do-able changes that can make a real difference and for your life, your body and your goals. Based on decades of research and your personal body chemistry, Functional Nutrition can help your body achieve healthy weight and optimal performance.

This program is based on three things:

BODY SCIENCE - Your results are easy-to-understand and based on science. We’ll find out exactly which foods you should and should not be eating as well as root out any underlying health issues which may be sabotaging your results.

COACHING - With an accountability coach available at every visit and digital tools from Functional Nutrition, we give you the coaching you need to be successful.

NUTRITION - Our science-based recommendations take the guesswork out of eating so you can make confident food choices. We’ll break down what your ideal meal looks like, suggest optimal nutrients to keep your systems running and create personalized daily nutrient recommendations based on your body science, lifestyle and goals.

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