imagesConsidering the changes your body is going through, having back pain during pregnancy makes sense. However, in many cases you don’t have to suffer through it. As your baby grows and develops your body must accommodate and support these beautiful changes. As an expectant mother, low back pain during pregnancy can distract from an incredible, natural part of life. After all, you are growing a little human in your belly (and undoubtedly noticing a myriad of other changes as well). A common place for these changes to cause pregnancy back pain is where your sacrum and pelvis, or the Sacrolliac joint (SI, for short). This area seems to take the brunt of added weight as your baby grows. This alters posture, changes balance, and can even be responsible for changing how you walk, sit, stand or sleep. A Chiropractor trained to work with pregnant women, may help your body accommodate these postural changes and alleviate some of the back pain associated with pregnancy. Even in the absence of a pain complaint, maintaining spine/pelvic balance can help improve quality of life during pregnancy and decrease your chance of developing pregnancy back pain in the first place.  At Gard Wellness Center, we specialize in the Webster Technique for pregnancy and find that this method works great for all our expectant Moms!  We are here to help, and we provide an alternative to pain medicine when dealing with pain during pregnancy.