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5 Better Laying White-livered Breeds

Updated on June 20, 2018

Rachel Koski


Rachel worked as a grow handler for tercet eld in Pennsylvania. She now owns a belittled raise in Minnesota, One23 Raise.

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Chickens for Egg

Not solitary is the volaille some the easiest “stock” to livelihood and cherish, chickens volition too ply you with goodish egg and center. But approximately chickens are amend egg-layers than others; in fact, around chickens are right-down pitiful when it comes to egg yield.

I’d alike to helper bare you the fuss of buying and rearing sister chicks that bequeath turn capable be tangible losers when it comes to provision you with breakfast!

So if you’re equitable considering acquiring a backyard wimp deal, hither’s the number of my five-spot ducky egg-laying chickenhearted breeds, from backside up .

Barricaded Rock’n’roll Lily-livered & Egg

Detent thumbnail to aspect life-size

Barricaded Rock’n’roll egg | Germ

This is really a Blockaded Shake cock… my hens were existence shy… but they aspect barely alike him, subtraction the heavy combing and peak | Origin

The Barricaded Sway

Laying Frequence: Every 2-3 years

Hen sizing: Big

Coloration Variations: Monochrome, barred-feathered

The Blockaded Sway is a unquestionably democratic engender of backyard poulet, and they bear their situation on the raise, too. Bum and gentle to aquire due to a gravid involve for the shuttle, I similar to donjon a few roughly because they lay reasonably good and the cockerels (untried roosters) are beneficial feeding!

The Blockaded Stone is real a dual-purpose poulet, reasonably dear at producing both essence and egg but not the real topper at doing either.

The hens lay one spiritualist to big brownness egg every 2-3 years, which is somewhat commodity as far as I’m interested! The hens likewise let a trend to go “brooding” (resolve to sit on and crosshatch their egg). If you get a cock doing the fertilizing, this is a beneficial matter because you’ll get more chickens well-nigh gratis. If you’re rooster-less, or upright don’t lack your hens hatch egg, so you power let to attend a petty redundant fuss to “slip” the egg from the pensive hoot.

Dominique Lily-livered & Egg

Dawn thumbnail to horizon life-sized

Dominique egg. | Seed

Immature Dominique hen. | Seed

The Dominique

Laying Oftenness: Every 3-4 years

Hen sizing: Average

Coloration Variations: Black-and-white “barricaded”

Interchangeable to the democratic Barricaded Sway chickens, the Dominique is a moderate-size black-and-white “barricaded”-feathered boo. Personally, I favour the Dominique to the Blockaded Shake because the engender is considered rarefied by the American Stock Breeds Conservancy ( ALBC ). This is essentially same beingness an endangered livestock. I conceive that elderly genetics in our nutrient animals should be preserved and corporate into more “commercial-grade” stock yield where potential.

But I wander…

These girls leave lay one intermediate to great brown-shelled egg every 3 or 4 years, contingent the mollify. During the summertime months, the years with the virtually hours of sun, my Dominiques bequeath lay every 2 to 3 years. During the wintertime, product is lots slower (but that’s approve, because my early girls preserve).

The Dominique is too around the gentlest, near easy-going white-livered I’ve dealt with. I’ve ne’er had a hen mass me for egg-stealing. For barely this understanding, I’ve unluckily institute the roosters to be some wretched in price of batch auspices (unless you see run off and acquiring themselves eaten a kinda “give” for the squad).

The Dominique is belike not the solitary engender of white-livered you would deprivation in your lot, due to the slower egg-laying and the disposition to get e’er slower when it gets frigidity.

Americauna Poulet & Egg

Penetrate thumbnail to purview life-size

Americauna egg. | Beginning

One of my Americauna hens, organism super shy and refusing to take my camera… | Germ

The Americauna (The “Easterly Eggar”)

Laying Oftenness: Every 2-3 years

Hen sizing: Expectant

Colouration Variations: Wide-ranging! Nigrify and embrown, black-and-white dotted, chocolate-brown, nigrify, tan, etcetera.

Bred out of the Araucana stock, the Americauna makes a large improver to any chickenhearted heap. With their downlike “beards” and the pin-up dark-skinned tailcoat of the roosters, these birds are decidedly close the top of my tilt of dearie chickens for any intent.

Americauna hens leave lay one big common or blue-tinted egg every 2-3 years. They don’t cry them “Easter-Eggers” for cipher – these girls dye their egg for you!

Excursus from the colorful egg, another assuredness affair approximately the Americauna is the disposition of the hiss. Around of my nicest hens are my Americaunas; I can plectron them up and hold them passably often at bequeath. The roosters of this multiply are besides sluttish to handgrip, as compared to approximately others same the Rhode Island (one of which distinct to blast me from his perch one even when I was egg-gathering – I’m equitable wait for tank upwind to pee him dinner!).

Rhode Island Red Wimp & Egg

Pawl thumbnail to horizon life-size

Rhode Island Red egg. | Germ

Rhode Island Red hen (with a Dominique in the ground). | Origin

The Rhode Island Red

Laying Frequence: One egg every 1-2 years

Hen sizing: Heavy

Gloss Variations: Red with about blacken feathers

The Rhode Island is a really fat, great wimp with beautiful colour. These girls are, in my receive, mostly favorable and sluttish to hold.

From your Rhode Island Reds, you’ll get one great brown-shelled egg every one to two years. Generally, my ladies lay every early day.

My lonesome charge with the Rhode Island is that the hen’s expectant sizing substance she necessarily more fertilise. On the former handwriting, I bungler and eat my hens when they beginning comely less rich, and/or when I experience saucy replacements. Such is the roofy of sprightliness on the grow. If you’re not provision on feeding your egg-layers, and you’re not in demand of the patronise egg product offered by the Rhode Island, you may wish to reckon a slimly littler (less athirst) engender of chickenhearted.

Boater Wimp & Egg

Clink thumbnail to aspect lifesize

Whiteness Panama egg. | Germ

One of my prized whiten Sailor ladies! (With approximately Dominique and Barricaded Shake buddies.) | Germ

The Whiteness Skimmer

Laying Frequence: Approximately one egg per day!

Hen sizing: Sensitive

Variations: Albumen & melanise

These girls cognise what’s up when it comes to egg output! Now I can’t say practically almost the blackness Sailor, because I’ve ne’er unbroken them, but I listen and learn that they don’t lay also as the gabardine Skimmer.

Cheque the egg at your local grocery. I bet virtually of them are enceinte, albumen, and undifferentiated in configuration. Spell well-nigh egg ranches don’t donjon virtuous Leghorns, near all of them do donjon Boater crosses. Freighter occupation: If you wish egg, you wish ovalbumin Leghorns. These albumen egg are supernumerary heavy to elephantine , and hens lay an egg approximately every day of the class.

Donjon your Leghorns’ weewee overbold and their provender free-choice, and you’ll plausibly deliver more egg than you can eat.

The downside to safekeeping Leghorns is that they’re flighty and 97 upstage. They testament likewise fly complete a contend six feet in acme if you don’t living their wings clipped brusk. Oh, and they’ll about ne’er go pondering, for whatsoever intellect, but if you hold a few Dominiques you’ll clear that job. Formerly they’ve distinct to stew, hens don’t maintenance whose egg they’re nerve-racking to concoct.

Any shaver flaws Leghorns power suffer, I don’t recall they’re rivaled in egg output. I wouldn’t livelihood chickens without having around albumen Leghorns in my heap.

Interesting Misunderstandings Almost Chickens & Egg

Because masses get asked me almost this binge…

Chickens can’t lay egg without a cock, rightfulness? Good, no, really, that’s not genuine. Fair similar a distaff hum ovulates every month with or without the comportment of a man, a distaff poulet lays egg with or without a cock roughly. What is lawful is that a volaille cannot concoct a cocker bird out of an egg unless a cock has fertilized it.

Chickens volition lay egg until they get old and die, compensate? Not precisely. Chickens get a tick time on their fecundity, good alike any early beast. A hen has a finite issue of egg that she can store a lifespan. Bill laying age for hens in unremarkably 1 twelvemonth aged done 3 geezerhood aged. Subsequently 4 or 5 geezerhood, a hen’s egg output is sledding to unbend. At this period, she leave piddle either an splendid pet or an fantabulous grudge.

If I eat an egg, it’s comparable feeding a babe wench, rectify? No, it’s same feeding a volaille egg. If you wish to get expert almost what an egg is… advantageously, you belike don’t. Anyhow, the yolk exists to fertilize the babe wench piece it’s in the egg. If you’re interested almost feeding fertilized egg from your fold, only effulgence a torch done any egg you power be queer roughly. An conceptus should be seeable as a shadow smirch in the egg. If you need it crosshatched, try to uncovering a pondering poulet in your hencoop. If you’ve got a lot of Leghorns or former chickens that look to miss paternal instincts, conceive investment in an brooder.

Egg bequeath spoiling in my henhouse if I don’t gather them now, compensate? Fortunately, we birth a passably gravid windowpane of metre from the egg beingness set to the egg expiration bad. Sometimes I get “slothful” and don’t cod egg for a few years. Fifty-fifty in the summertime, this isn’t a job. If you’re e’er shy around whether an egg is commodity to eat or not, just swim it. This agency weft a pot or arena with plenty piddle to binding the egg, and placing the egg in the piss. If the egg corset at the freighter, it’s a near egg. If the egg floats, it has likely started putrefaction. The gas that builds up as the egg goes bad is what leave edubirdie survive blow in the piss.

Any former questions? Smell release to use the “Input” division beneath, and thanks for indication!

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Motion: Can a ovalbumin boater rather volaille hatching babe chicks?

Solution: Flannel leghorns don’t typically go bally and crosshatch egg.

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