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Today is Pediatric Bone and Spine Day! That’s right, there’s a dedicated day honoring children’s bones and spines.  In our world, that day is everyday and as a pediatric and prenatal chiropractic office we make sure that spines are aligned from day one!

For the patients who are under care during their pregnancy, we often see the baby for a check up as soon as the parents can bring them in! This is surprising to some, thinking how and why would you adjust an infant?

Well, second to the brain, heart, lungs and major organs without which you’d die, the spine is incredibly important for overall health and well-being.  Why? Because the brain dictates the behavior of every single action action of your body and it does so with messages that run in the spinal cord up and down your spine. Those funny looking spinal vertebrae are exquisitely designed to house and protect the spinal cord, those delicate nerve fibers that exit the vertebrae down the length of the spine.  

If one spinal vertebrae is out of alignment and interferes with the communication of nerve fibers exiting the spinal column, the end muscle/organ/message is not delivered to its full potential! 

So yes, spines are important because they hold you up but more importantly, spines key to proper nervous system function, and THAT’s the most important part! 

Have you had your child’s spine checked by a chiropractor?

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