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Do you feel tired, sick, overweight or unhealthy?
Have you been told by your doctor that your lab results are normal? that nothing is wrong?
Are you taking multiple medications, vitamins and supplements without success?
Are your symptoms getting worse over time?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Many of the patients we work with have seen all the specialists, taken all the tests and might have even been told nothing is wrong! Their symptoms aren’t going away because nobody is looking for the underlying cause and that’s exactly what sets Functional Medicine apart! We don’t just use a pill to squash a symptom, we look to find the root cause of your symptom(s). A comprehensive and guided program like our Health Reset, can help you discover why you’re feeling what you’re feeling and fix it! Functional Medicine will transform your health!

Patient Testimonial!

Check out this video from Maria. She recently finished the 16 Week Health Reset program and shares her experience in this quick video!

we hear you

Gone are the days when healthcare knowledge came to us only through a white coat. You can (and do) research for yourself. You are able to make informed decisions and not rely solely on marketing and ads from drug manufacturers. Don’t get us wrong, there’s a time and place for everything, including medications, but when it comes to ‘health’ care in the US, we miss the mark.

If you feel like your health is suffering, A Health Reset is just what you need to get you on track and living your best life, naturally!

we help you

Did you know you can naturally resolve symptoms like these?

Meet Dr. Aliya

She’s a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor and the Director of Functional Medicine programs at Gard Wellness Center. She’s a boy mom, a wife and a passionate advocate for natural health. She’s experienced the transformative effects of Functional Medicine in her own life and now she walks the walk…

Facts and FAQs


Functional Medicine shows you the path to rediscover your health and vitality like never before. Utilizing extensive lab testing, customized nutrition, targeted supplements and lifestyle education, we help you transform your body at the cellular level.

Some will look familiar, like glucose and thyroid and lipids- we run labs your primary care doctor might run, but we also run specialized labs to look at your microbiome, parasites, vitamin deficiencies, mold and toxicity, inflammation, hormones and much more.

All your initial labs! All the support via chat, 1×1 and virtual open office hours, Lifetime Wellness Educational Series, custom meal plans, providers who care, providers with experience and much more!

Need more info? Watch this quick video.

Simply put, you’ll know it worked. You’ll feel better, you’ll have more energy, your symptoms will resolve, your body will function the way it’s supposed to! and for those of you who like to see the results in black and white, you can retest any labs and actually see the changes!

Your investment is $3795. Payment options are available.

Patients who start our functional medicine programs use flex spending accounts, health savings accounts, or pay out of pocket for care. Most insurance plans do not cover Functional Medicine and you will find that most providers who do take insurance, do not accept it for Functional Medicine.

No! Our functional medicine programs are fully remote and offered anywhere in the US. Our testing is offered via LabCorp locations and delivered to your door. All coaching and meetings with the doctor are via Zoom. We make it easy to meet you where you are!

We kick off with a 30 minute complimentary Discovery call. During this time we’ll discuss your specific case, and decide if this program is a good fit for you! If you’re ready to start and there’s space in the program, we’ll get you going right away. If not, we’ll add you to the waitlist and give you some tools to get started while you wait!

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