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Community Outreach

Lunch & Learn

Here's just a bit of what we offer with our Lunch & Learn events:

- A Lunch & Learn is a fantastic opportunity to provide a FREE lunch for up to 25 of your employees (and you too!).
- A Lunch & Learn is an effective tool to educate employees on ways to stay healthy & energetic in the workplace, thereby increasing their performance, lowering absenteeism, and REDUCING company healthcare cost.
- The Lunch & Learn is a GREAT WAY to meet your employee health education program requirements.

First: We will buy your attendees lunch and bring it to your office!

Second: We provide your employees with a 40 minute workshop packed with FUN and informative info such as:

- Stress Management 101
- How to keep ENERGY up ALL day
- How to MAXIMIZE your work station for your health and posture
- Eating Right for Your Body
- Cleaner Eating
- Many more seasonal topics! YOU PICK!

Contact our Event Team: or call: 919-322-4383

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