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gardwellness_logo15a_edit1Welcome to our Cary Chiropractic wellness studio! The Doctors at Gard Wellness Center focus on restoring and maintaining the health and vitality of our patients with corrective, gentle chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy and weight loss.  Just as our name suggests, we focus on wellness and aim to provide Cary and it’s neighbors the latest in natural health care without the expense and side effects of other treatments.  With a properly functioning nervous system through proper alignment, a good diet and regular exercise we can live our lives to their fullest potential! We invite you to visit our office and see how we can help get you out of pain and keep you living a healthy life!  Our Cary chiropractic team at Gard Wellness Center also serve Raleigh, Holly Springs, Apex and Morrisville.

If you are new to seeing a chiropractor and want to find out more, please email us or call (919) 322-4383 to receive personalized answers to your questions from our friendly team.


Before starting my treatment plan, I’d been experiencing terrible pain in my right arm and shoulder for six months. After my first treatment, the pain in my arm was gone – I was amazed! After a month of treatments the pain in my neck and shoulder is greatly reduced, non-existent on most days.  Both Dr. Lance and Dr. Aliya really listen when I describe my pain. They encouraged me to get a better work station and taught me ways to reduce the pain brought on by 40 hours a week at a computer. I was skeptical at the start but I’m now a believer in the benefits of chiropractic care.
Mary Beth C.
Our son, Trevor, was delayed in several areas from the age of 6 months to 20 months.  He was in physical therapy once a week, the goal being that he would develop core strength and balance and eventually walk.  Dr Lance and Dr. Aliya were understanding, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable in his treatment.  Within a few weeks of being adjusted, Trev was walking on his own with increased balance and finally sleeping through the night! Gard Wellness was literally and an answer to our prayers and we are very grateful for their expertise and wonderful care!
Tracey G.
I have been in severe pain in my right hip and shoulder for a year now.  I have previously had chiropractic care, but had not been in a few years because my chiropractor was so far away.  I found Gard Wellness Center on the internet. They were close to me and I liked that they did acupressure and acupuncture.  I have been going for three weeks and my hip no longer hurts, I can walk without limping and my shoulder pain is much more tolerable. I call it “a miracle”, but it is really the great work of Dr. Lance and Dr. Aliya! Thank you!
Ann Y.
The Gard Wellness Center is amazing!  I just started a month ago and I feel like a different person.  I am now a true believer of chiropractic and acupuncture health care.  I came in specifically for an ear issue, but now that this is completely gone, I come in once a week to get aligned and rejuvenated.  I have never felt better and am off all of my allergy medications as well!  The body really does know how to take care of itself when treated correctly. Thank you so much for changing my health and wellness!
Claire M.
As a nurse and a patient, I understand the importance of Good Health and Great Healthcare. I was referred by a friend to Gard Wellness and I cannot sing her praises enough for introducing me to Dr. Aliya. I have had such a positive experience with Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) at Gard Wellness that I was able to convince my skeptical husband to meet Dr. Lance and begin treatment! I have noticed that my husband sleeps better now that he is getting treatment.
Kim E.
I would highly recommend Dr. Aliyah to anyone with chronic pain. I thought I was just going to have to endure my pain and do my best with medicine. She has given me much relief and much hope for the future! My acupuncture treatments have helped me manage better than I have in years.
Lisseth G.
Years ago I had been in about three rear end car accidents.  I didn’t realize how bad it was affecting my back and posture until Dr. Gard visited my job. I started care and Drs Gard (both) helped me tremendously and now I’m on to the point where I don’t have any pain at all.  I would recommend Gard Wellness Center to anyone I feel who needs it!
Sandra B.
I came in with some back and shoulder pain. After my sessions, I am feeling much better with very little pain and when I do have pain it is typically the result of something I’ve done to cause it. I’ve also seen noticeable improvements in my alignment and posture. Plus, I simply feel healthier overall!
Michael K.
Since I’ve been coming to Gard Wellness I’ve noticed an increase in my overall energy level. I used to have a lot of swelling in my left leg, ankle, foot and since I’ve been coming here, I noticed that the swelling has decreased significantly. I am truly thankful for Dr. Lance and Dr. Aliya and their practice. I highly recommend them to anyone!
Paula P.
I came to Gard Wellness Center with lower back pain and various other painful annoyances in my neck and shoulders. Without having to point out my trouble spots, they were able to quickly identify and target those areas with one treatment! My experience was delightful. I never waited more than a minute, and I feel as though I had meaningful attention.
Sydney J.
I visited Dr. Lance last Thursday and I immediately started feeling better after that treatment. I pretty much didn’t have any pain until Sunday. I think this is working out very good for me! Thanks everyone!
Aftab A.
For the first time in 25+ years, I am not going to bed at night with a headache and not waking up with a headache! Thank you Drs. Aliya and Lance!!
Janet S.
I can’t say enough good things about my experience at Gard Wellness Center! I had persistent back pain for over six months and could find no relief. I was also struggling with headaches, digestive issues and allergies. After one week of treatment my back pain was gone! AMAZING! Drs. Lance and Aliya were wonderful to work with. They showed genuine concern for my well-being and took time to explain the treatment. My headaches are very infrequent now and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my digestion. I’m very thankful for the folks at Gard Wellness Center!
Laura R.
I started corrective care treatment with a great deal of back and neck pain. After just a few visits I experienced significant reduction in pain and much more range of motion and flexibility. After I completed my plan I experience practically no pain an much quicker recovery after strenuous activity. My treatment has helped me sleep better and perform my daily activities much easier and pain free. I highly recommend treatment with Gard Wellness for pain and for overall better well being!
Devon G.
I had constant back pain and chronic muscle fatigue in my back. As a massage therapist student I was concerned with keeping and improving my health. In two months of seeing Drs. Lance and Aliya I feel so much better and my pains and muscle fatigue are almost gone. Thank you!
Sarah K.
When I first started seeing Dr. Gard I was in so much pain I could not even sit for more that 30 minutes without sharp pains. After he started treating me I saw major improvements in a matter of weeks. My alignment is so much better and my pain is non-existent now. My posture continues to improve. I feel much healthier and stronger since I’ve been coming to Gard Wellness Center.
Wendy R.
After just two visits I was breathing better than I had in months!
Maggie P.
Since I’ve been coming to Gard Wellness Center, my specific problems are being corrected and I’ve seen definite improvement!
Donna S.
Outstanding services! I was experiencing severe pain in my back, chest and also my right arm and into my fingers. I went to urgent care and the emergency room and they did heart tests and couldn’t find anything wrong. My wifes employer recommended Gard Wellness Center with high regards. After my treatments there I am pain free and feeling back to normal! I am extremely grateful to them and highly recommend their services. You are made to feel like family and welcomed immediately after walking through their door. I will continue to see them for regular check ups as needed.
Harlan N.
Over the past few years I have experienced head and neck pain. Towards the end of 2012 the instances of this pain became more frequent and severe. It was so intense that pain medication heating pads, and going to bed were my only choices. I found this to be totally unacceptable. I wanted to fully enjoy my two young grandchildren and my retirement years. I came to Gard Wellness Center never having visited a chiropractor before and hoping for some help. I began treatments and after just a month I was feeling so much better. Now, I can honestly say that I am so much better. I’ve not had head and neck pain in weeks and not going to bed with pain in over two months!. The fine professionals at Gard Wellness Center have made a huge difference in my life. Thank you!
Deborah P.
When I came in for the first time last week I was in so much pain I could barely move my neck; I am no longer having any pain and I feel like I’m better that I was before I got worse!
Lindsay L.
My pain level has reduced dramatically. Feeling almost no pain now!
Before coming to Gard Wellness Center, I could barely use my hands and was in tears due to pain. After only one treatment I felt great improvement. After three treatments, I can write! It took so long to find a doctor who could help with my pain, I am so grateful to find Dr. Gard!
Jennifer B.
After my first adjustment I slept without interruption that night and woke up without a headache and it didn’t return for the rest of the day! (Normally I sleep restless & have constant headaches)
Jessica S.
Liam who has high functioning autism has been more talkative and outgoing since starting his treatments. He had one friend at the beginning of the school year and now he has been getting in trouble talking to his friends. He’s also now joining with other kids to play soccer at recess.
Debra B.
I did a detox program at Gard Wellness and it was a great experience. The daily emails and weekly meetings were very informative. This process taught me the importance of eating plenty of organic fruits and vegetables but more importantly, my energy levels are great and at two weeks Ive lost 8 lbs and only have 17lbs more to go to reach my goal of 100lbs of loss. This program was just what I needed to kickstart my weight loss after losing for a year.
Wutasha T.
My headaches have stopped or slowed down. The only ones I get now are from withdrawal headaches since Dr. Gard talked to me about cutting out my energy drinks. I feel less sluggish!
Lindsay M.
I have been having headaches, neck pain and stiffness and a lot of tightness in my upper back area. I never thought about going to a chiropractor. I heard about Gard Wellness Center through a friend so I decided to come in for a consultation. By the end of the consultation with Alex I knew I wanted to give it a chance. I’m so glad I did! Even after my first week of treatments my headaches have finally stopped! I can’t wait to see where I’ll be a the end of my treatment plan. When my treatment is done I plan to stay healthy through the wellness plan! This is such a great place they really know what they’re doing!
Parker M.
I came in with aches and pains in my neck and mid-back. I came in for an adjustment once a week and I feel like a brand new person!
Brandon D.
After two months of seeing Dr. Gard the pain in my shoulder, which had been constant, became much less painful and much less frequent. What a success!
Aimee R.
I have had TMJ for over 10 years. Constant pain and clicking was a normal part of my life! I had never had a jaw adjustment before Dr. Gard. After the adjustment I was amazed!! It’s been almost three weeks and my jaw is still in place with no clicking and no pain! Thank you X100!
Jessica B.
I came to Gard Wellness Center after being recommended by a massage therapist at my work. I was a little skeptical since I was seeing a chiropractor at a different location for five years, but I transferred here and gave this one a chance since they were a lot closer. I spoke with Dr. Gard and he opened my eyes to the problems I was having with my back that I wasn’t even aware of. After the first five to six weeks I noticed major changes in the ways I sit, stand, walk and work. For the most part, my pain is mostly gone and by the time my treatment is done my pain will vanish like a puff of smoke. After treatment is done I’ll continue to see him for regular check ups. I would recommend anyone to Gard Wellness Center and Dr. Lance Gard
Efrain O.
Already after the first visit I noticed significant change. My range of motion is improved and I felt taller! Now after a few weeks of adjustments my back pain is gone! I don’t feel as tired after work and my golf swing has improved. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lance Gard at Gard Wellness Center
Mikael S.
I started seeing Dr. Gard because of headaches. I had been to several doctors who only gave me medicine to mask the problem. Within one week of seeing Dr. Gard, I’ve gone from headaches five to six times a week and have now been HEADACHE FREE for two days straight! Already I feel better, more flexible and have had two nights in a row where I slept through the night with no headache!
Anastasia T.
I have not had a single headache since I started seeing Dr. Gard! Every time I leave his office I have a renewed sense of calm and peacefulness. Not to mention less back pain!
Sarah J.
For years I have dealt with digestive problems, knee pain, back pain…you name it. Pain killers were my friend. As a teacher I am always active and on the go. Once I started coming to see Dr. Gard my knee pain has gone. I am more active and have STOPPED TAKING MY PAIN KILLERS! Everyday is a new success! I can do my job and live my life with little to no pain!
Mary R.
In just a few short weeks I have noticed significant positive changes. I find it much easier to sit, stand and walk with correct posture – it’s as if I don’t have to “work” so hard to keep myself aligned. I’ve noticed more range of motion, more ENERGY (not as tired when I work out) and a general sense of CALMNESS and TALLNESS. I’m even handling stress better! Today I realized my shoes are not showing uneven wear since my hips are getting back in line. I’m thrilled I made this choice for myself!
Elizabeth D.
When I first began receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Lance Gard, I had incurred several recent injuries. I was experiencing “chronic” pain from older injuries that had improved somewhat with regular chiropractic adjustments and care. Through consistent care with Dr. Lance, not only did the more recent injuries improve significantly, but the chronic pain and injuries improved more significantly than I had ever experienced previously. Dr. Lance is a very knowledgeable and skilled chiropractic practitioner who is very attentive and listens attentively to the client’s concerns. He is a very patient practitioner as well who is willing to answer any questions the client may have about the course of treatment. As someone who has received regular chiropractic care for many years, Dr. Lance’s treatment has provided me with the most consistent improvement in less time than other treatments. I highly recommend Gard Wellness Center to those who may have just incurred an injury or pain as well as for those, like me, who have older injuries that have resulted in chronic pain.
Martha G., M.Ed.
Before I went to Dr. Gard, my left elbow was causing problems. Everyday things like getting milk out of the refrigerator or putting away dishes hurt my elbow. He had me as good as new pretty quick. Dr. Lance really listened to my symptoms to figure out my problem, then took the time to explain what he was doing. Even though I came for my elbow, he also adjusted my spine which helped with my muscle tension and headaches from stress. I would definitely recommend Gard Wellness Center to anyone, especially if you are having joint pain, back pain, neck pain or headaches.
Jennifer S.
I went to see Dr. Lance Gard for a bad case of tennis elbow from working out. He gave me a free consultation and laid out the treatment plan for this type of injury. I started getting relief after the 3rd treatment and after about 8 treatments it felt great. One of the things I liked about Dr. Gard is not only did he treat my injury, but he would also check my neck and spine alignment. I have gone to other chiropractors for this same injury and they would just treat the elbow, not go above and beyond as Dr. Gard does. I have referred several people to Dr. Gard and they have all loved him too.
Jerry S.
I’ve seen Dr. Gard (Lance) many times over the past year. My visits have included routine adjustments, as well as visits for specific ailments in my legs, feet and neck. I’ve always been pleased with the results and he and his wife, Dr. Aliya Gard, are great people! I highly recommend Gard Wellness Center.
Ben B.
I would highly recommend Dr. Aliya to anyone with chronic pain. I thought I was just going to have to endure my pain and do my best with medicine. She has given me much relief and much hope for the future! My acupuncture and chiropractic treatments have helped me manage better than I have in years.
Lisseth G.
I started seeing Dr. Gard after continuous running injuries kept getting in the way of my triathlon training. Dr. Gard was very professional and quickly diagnosed what was causing my shin splints. His adjustments to my legs and back were quickly noticed while running. I continued to see Lance on a weekly basis and ended up having my first injury free triathlon season! Thank you Dr. Gard! I highly recommend Dr. Lance Gard!
Nick T.


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