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Are you ready for great adjustments? Are you ready to feel like your best self? Not only does chiropractic help your whole body function better, it'll also help you with those nagging pains you've been complaining about for years that just aren't getting any better. We get adjusted at least once a week because it works! Come experience it for yourself.

Spinal Decompression

Tired of dealing with low back pain that radiates down your leg(s)? maybe it's neck pain that causes pain in your arms or shoulders? Spinal decompression can help! Countless patients have avoided surgery thanks to spinal decompression at our Cary, NC location!

Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Ok so the needles aren't really that large, we promise! and no it generally doesn't hurt. Our patients use acupuncture to balance overall energy, to handle stress, support immunity, improve sleep and fertility and much much more. If there's a 'condition' there's an acupuncture point! Dry needling is a little different and we use it for stubborn muscle knots that just won't quit.


Our team of Licensed Massage Therapists are top notch. They work with the doctors focusing on the right muscle groups to get your body to fully heal and restore balance. It's not a spa massage, these are massages are covered by most insurance plans and their focus is therapeutic

Laser Therapy

Our LiteForce Class IV laser fast-tracks any soft tissue injury! Tendonitis, bursitis, any 'itis' really can be helped with laser therapy! It's fast, and painless. It works by a process called photobiomodulation and for those of you who don't feel like Googling - it's a really fancy way to say this machine uses light to heal your body and stimulate your mitochondria.

Functional Medicine

Using customized lab testing, nutrition and specifically tailored supplements, our 16 Week Health Reset program helps you rebalance your body, reverse your symptoms and lose weight! Labs, supplements and recommendations are direct-shipped to you and the support is offered from the comfort of your home!

Infrared Sauna

One of the more recent additions to our wellness offerings, infrared sauna is a super easy way to detox, relieve muscle tension, reduce blood pressure, combat stress, and lose weight!

Hydro Massage

for those folks who don't like traditional massage. Our hydro therapy system is a non-immersion therapy experience to target tight muscle groups. It's fully clothed and a perfect fit for those who don't feel comfortable in traditional massage settings!

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