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Ever wonder how chiropractic was developed?

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Our history is powerful and before it’s advent in the United States, spinal manipulation has been around for 5000 years.  You may have heard of it as Tui Na in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In America, chiropractic as we know it, was founded in 1895 after D.D. Palmer restored the hearing of a deaf man with a cervical adjustment.  Since that first adjustment, the techniques have been refined and the profession was fostered by DD’s son BJ Palmer.  Below is a video of all the best quotes from BJ Palmer which show a little bit of his mind and his passion and true understanding of health. He was a prolific writer and legendary chiropractor.  He knew based on what he had seen at the time that chiropractic was something to be fostered. He knew that by removing interference in the nervous system, people got better! He saw it time and time again and it became a part of his life.  \
Chiropractic care began to blossom during a time in which heroic medicine was practiced.  Blood letting, lobotomies, heroin and mercury (just to name a few) were routinely used in medicine.  In those early days, people realized that chiropractic care was helping with many ailments and with much less torture to the patient. As the profession grew, chiropractic became a threat to the medical establishment. There was a time in our profession’s history when chiropractors were heavily persecuted and even jailed!
We stand now on the shoulders of these giants who believed so passionately in what they were doing that they continued to practice despite jailing and other adversity! Because of their strength and passion and because of the power of chiropractic, our profession is alive and well 125 years later.  We base our treatments on the same principles they did back then. The anatomy hasn’t changed, just the research to support it!  Chiropractic is for more than just back pain.  It helps your entire body function better.  It works by restoring proper communication between your brain and your body.  

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