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We Lift Ourselves, So We Can Lift Others

By Lance Gard DC

Negative energy is uncomfortable to be around and repulsive. If you’ve ever been around someone and you just felt uncomfortable, like you could not wait to get away and once you’re away form them the feeling immediately goes away? I’m not talking about feeling unsafe, you actually might feel your own power fighting the feeling to some degree when you’re around them. But,if you’re feeling squirmy and fidgety, like you need to get away, but can’t, you may be in the presence of negative energy. Our world is made of energy and the human body has learned to be acutely aware, however, many of us ignore this sixth sense. 

In much the same way a speaker vibrates in producing sound energy, your body vibrates and produces its own energetic symphony. Quantum mechanics has laws which help explain the way vibration at the atomic level works. Atomic vibrations produce both waves similar to sound, and particles. Quantum physics is a fascinating topic, but a little too complex to get into here. I’m constantly amazed at what is being discovered and how it can be used to explain the known and the unknown. 

Interpreting energy in your environment is an appreciable skill that can be practiced and developed. It’s important to understand that your environment contains energy, which you sense as vibrational energy. This energy (that you feel, ie ‘feeling’) is then processed in our brain and then our brain will label it as an emotion. We recognize a familiar energetic vibration and label it according to the way we were told in the past…that is; ‘sad’, ‘angry’, ‘happy’, etc. Whomever taught us about labeling energy and emotions, usually our parents, their accurate understanding and interpretation has a huge impact on our development. It’s important to be able to recognize this and revisit our personal emotional understanding later in life to be sure it’s as accurate as it can be.

Science has a long way to go before explaining us humans and our vibration energy. In the meantime we should strive to put out positive/healing/helpful energy as opposed to negative draining, uncomfortable energy. By its very nature being kind to another person produces a positive energy that enhances the wellbeing of both the giver and the receiver, as well as anyone in proximity to receive the kindness vibe. 

Most of us have experienced being in the presence of someone and it just felt good. You leave those situations lifted up a bit. That’s a raise in vibration brought to you by the kind, caring, high vibration of positive energy emitted by someone you were around. It’s great to think that if you put in the effort you can actually, quite literally lift someone’s energy. It’s a simple, but not easy, concept and does take work to learn, implement and maintain a high energy state. However, think of how different the world would be if we all at least tried to lift each other up!

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