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So your active care visits are over…now what?

If you’re like most people,  whatever brought you to us in the first place is no longer bothering you and that’s great, and you’re curious what happens next! 

If you remember back to when we first teamed up we talked about how corrective care works best in phases and how we can work together toward common goals. One of our primary goals for you is to keep your body functioning at the highest level possible. Phase one for that goal was to get you out of pain and to restore as much range of motion as humanly possible.

As phase one comes to a close we want you to begin to think about your future.

  • Continue your exercises.
  • Postural, spinal, and ergonomic awareness in daily life.
  • Maintain (and improving upon) your healthy spine.

As you transition to phase two it’s important to keep all of these in place. Without them “in” we find patients sliding back into their old ways and that opens the door for flare-ups, or complete relapse. Not good. Maintaining a proactive approach is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Part of our commitment to each patient is to recommend a Wellness Program. You’ve come a long way and Dr. Gard will recommend a plan to maintain the positive changes you’ve made. 

What about cost?
Good question, but first let’s talk health insurance
. Insurance can be a benefit for patients who are in acute pain (i.e. new, active pain). But, what about those of us who are looking to be more proactive about our health and take charge before it gets back to the point of pain? This is the situation hundreds of thousands of people across the country find themselves in…their insurance for chiropractic only covers acute pain within their visit limit (not maintaining their new and improved spine).

We understand… and we have a solution!

Gard Wellness Center has partnered with ChiroHealth USA (CHUSA) to address this very problem. CHUSA allows us to discount our fees and still remain compliant with all the new changes to healthcare rules/regulations. To put it simply, healthcare providers offer your insurance a “contractually discounted rate”. That same rate cannot legally be available to everyone… or we fall out of compliance (not good). CHUSA is a health network which you can join and gain access to discount negotiated rates. With CHUSA, your visit cost will be less and often similar to your insurance!

No Insurance/CHUSA = $55-$175/visit

With CHUSA = $45/visit

CHUSA has no visit limit and no additional co-pay/deductible for the full year of membership. It’s $49 to join for an entire year for your entire household! 

For more information; ask us, email us, or visit We are here to help!

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