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Kids + Chiropractic

If you have kids you undoubtedly know how fast they grow up. One minute you’re spoon-feeding them smushed peas between diaper changes and the next you’re teaching them how to drive a car wondering why you ever let them play Rocket League. 

Every day of our lives we ask our body to change and respond to our stress. Both internal and external stress is an ever-present part of life and the human body is incredibly adaptable and well-suited to manage this constant change, as long as it’s functioning at 100%. These stressors can be extra taxing for kids during developmental growth periods. The most rapid period of growth is before a child is even born and if sustained long-term would equate to growing nearly 2 feet per year!

Every body’s growth is controlled and conducted via the nervous system, which is centrally contained within the spinal column. This makes the spine a structure vital to life, and full life expression. Meaning, if your body is going to function at an optimal level your spine must function at its greatest potential. At its core, that is what chiropractic is, it is to ensure proper motion and function of your spine and nervous system.

The proper growth and development of my children is a very top priority for my wife and I. We, as most parents do, want the best for our kids, and a  major part of that for us includes chiropractic care, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. We invest in our children, they play sports, do their homework and (usually) eat (some) vegetables. We even invest in straightening their teeth. Why would we not invest in the most vital part of their growth and development, the health of their spine and nervous system? 

Many of us did not grow up going to a chiropractor, but I can tell you that things are changing in health care. Over the last decade, we are seeing a shift in the mindset of our community, a shift away from a ‘get sick, take medicine’ model to one where folks want to support their body and promote health naturally. We’ve watched our parents, and grandparents, get lost in the sick care model and we don’t want that for ourselves, or our children.

Over the years we have seen some amazing things come from medications, and the surgical field is ever-evolving and advancing, which can be a great thing. But, the question remains; how do we support our body now, before we get sick, or before our hips/knees/shoulders/spine need to be replaced? 

Human life should be lived like a candle’s flame. It should burn brightly until the end. What it has become is a slow, decades-long, decline filled with medication and side effects. I don’t want that for you and we are committed to finding, and providing, another way.

From birth to death burn brightly, and help light a few more candles along the way. 

With love for you and those whom you care about most,

Dr. Lance Gard

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