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Indulge in family time, indulge in self reflection, indulge in a hike in the woods with the sun on your face. These are the indulgences that will enhance your holidays. Indulge in the foods you love, but make the people you share them with your main indulgence. 

I can tell you from experience that your third slice of pumpkin pie does not taste any better than the first bite of your first slice. Be sure to have a plan when it comes to eating sweets. You know you can’t eat them all, and that you’re unlikely to have none (unless you have some obscure superpower). So,look forward to the one, maybe two, that you want to savor, and then take time to actually enjoy eating it. My plan usually involves scoping out the options and selecting my savory deliciousness in advance. I’ll rank the goodies in my mind before my meal and then decide on a winner as I enjoy my dinner. Now, I commit and consume my selection knowing that I put some thought into it, and I eat it with a purpose. You can have whatever you want, but not as much as you want. Also, I find that popping a peppermint lifesaver post dessert helps the second helping desire to pass more easily. 

Having a plan to spend time with your friends/family is important too. Put together a puzzle, or play a game of cards so you have something other than eating to do while you catch up. If you’re the snacking while gaming type, have some fruit and /or vegetables ready to go with your skip-bo (or cards against humanity depending on the crowd).

Spend your days with intention and plan to have a good time. Enjoy yourself and we’ll talk again soon!

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